Army Jeep Open Fire at a civilian Villa: Shaden Abu Hijleh A Martyr

by Amer Abdelhadi -

Nablus Oct 11, 2002 - ISRAELI jeep today stops suddenly in the front of a family residential villa in Nablus killing one person and injuring two.

The incident happened less than an hour ago. Dr. Jamal Abu Hijleh, his wife Shaden and their son Saed were sitting in their glassed veranda when an army jeep stops for no reason what so ever and opened fire.

Mrs. Abu Hijleh died on the spot while her Husband Dr. Jamal and her son Saed were rushed to hospital for shrapnel wounds.

The behavior of the Israeli army in Nablus had been escalating rapidly towards violence in the recent weeks. Last week they have invaded Nablus while still in curfew and managed to kill two children and injure more than thirty. Again, the opening of fire was not provoked in any kind of way.

Dr. Jamal Abu Hijleh and family have always been known as social activists helping the poor and aiding people medically.

Amer Abdelhadi
Radio Tariq Al Mahabbeh
TMFM 97.7
Nablus Under Siege