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Our beloved Mom

Shaden Abu Hijleh

Shaden with family

Left to right:

Saed, Dr. Jamal, Nasser, Lana and Zeina, Shaden and Yasmeen, Rami

Shaden and family in front of their house

Left to Right:

Saed, Shaden, Dr. Jamal, Rami

Shaden with her daughter's (Lana) family

From to and left to right:

Shaden (top)

Lana, Nasser

Yasmeen, Nadia, Zeina

The Abu Hijleh family in Colorado in 1991

Left to Right:

Rami, Dr. Jamal, Shaden, Raed, and Saed in front

Shaden Abu Hijleh

Shaden Abu Hijleh

Shaden and her mom and aunt

From left to right:


Im Wajde (Shaden's aunt)

Im Nidal (Shaden's mom)

Shaden and granddaughter Yasmeen in the exact spot where she was murdered

This picture shows the exact spot where Shaden was murdered. It is about 25 meters away from the street.

Shaden with granddaughter Yasmeen

Grandmother Shaden with her granddaughter Yasmeen

Our beloved Shaden

Shaden and her husband Dr. Jamal and granddaughter Zeina

Shaden and her husband Dr. Jamal

Shaden, her mom, her dad, and her daughter and granddaughter

Shaden, her mom, her daughter and granddaughter

Shaden (far left) in college

Shaden with her mother on her wedding day

Shaden (second from the left) in egypt with her husband Dr. Jamal (second from the right) and daughter Lana

Lana ... Shaden's daughter with her cousins

Raed ... Shaden's son

Shaden with family ... pregnant with Rami

Shaden's granddaughter Nadia ... Nadia still asks and misses her Tita