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A poet visits his mother's grave MONDOWEISS 11/20/2011 by Philip Weiss
Shaden's 9th Memorial Palestine News 10/13/2011 by Baker Ateely
Oslo said it Haaretz 07/28/2005 by Akiva Eldar
Military mumbo-jumbo versus the morality of occupation Haaretz 02/24/2005 by Akiva Eldar
Trite of return or the refugee problem Haaretz 06/27/2003

by Akiva Eldar

Cause of death: The army's rules of engagement Haaretz 06/24/2003

by Akiva Eldar

If only the bullets could talk Haaretz 03/04/2003

by Akiva Eldar

Not just another civilian victim Toronto Star 02/16/2003

by Mitch Potter

Slain mother personifies fighting's toll on innocents The Philadelphia Inquirer 02/14/2003

by Michael Matza

US forces Israel to probe crimes against Palestinians Gulf News 01/13/2003

by Philip Jacobson

Attention builds over a slain civilian The Christian Science Monitor 01/10/2003

by Nicole Gaouette

People and Politics / Too close a shave for justice Haaretz 01/02/2003

by Akiva Eldar

Israeli Army Probes Slaying of Palestinian Grandmother The Los Angeles Times 12/29/2002

by Tracy Wilkinson

The 'road map' has been folded up Haaretz 11/14/2002

by Akiva Eldar

No Political Statement In Obituary CTNews.com 11/10/2002

by Gale Courey Toensing

UN Goodbyes 10/30/2002 by Timothy Rothermel
In favor of Gandhi's legacy Haaretz 10/26/2002

by Akiva Eldar

Letters to the Editor, Daily Iowan, A murderous bullet
The Daily Iowan 10/24/2002 by Osama Saba
Tribute From A Distant Stranger Hartford Courant 10/23/2002

by Roselyn Tantraphol

The largest prison in the world AL-AHRAM 10/23/2002

by Khaled Amayreh

Man Loses mother in Israeli incursion Chicago Sun-Times 10/23/2002

by Chris Fusco

Briefing given to the Security Council by the USG for
Political Affairs on 20 October
To the Security Council 10/20/2002
The funeral of Shaden Abu Hijleh Radio Tariq Al Mahabbeh 10/14/2002

by Amer Abdelhadi

In Letter to Sharon, U.S. Criticizes Killing of Civilians The New York Times 10/14/2002

by Joel Greenberg

In the Shadow of War: Iraq, Israel and Palestine Middle East Report Winter 2002 by Lori A. Allen
Overseas tragedy felt in Eastern Iowa The Gazette 10/13/2002

By Sara Faiwell

Army Jeep Open Fire at a civilian Villa Radio Tariq Al Mahabbeh 10/11/2002

by Amer Abdelhadi

The assassination of a peace activist Radio Tariq Al Mahabbeh 10/11/2002

by Amer Abdelhadi

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